Terms And Conditions


  1. "ACQUIRING BANK" shall mean various banks and Financial Institutions licensed under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 to acquire, authorize and authenticate the online payment Transactions.
  2. "AUTHORIZATION" shall mean the process hereunder by which the Issuing Bank/ NPL and/or the relevant Acquiring Banks/ Payment Instrument Provider, Card Schemes electronically or otherwise convey the approval of a charge on a Transaction being undertaken by a Customer on Site/ Website/ app/ web link/ payment link.
  3. "CARD SCHEMES" shall mean national or payment Card Networks including but not limited to Master Card, Maestro, Visa, Diners, American Express and Rupay etc. which Authenticates, Authorizes and enables card Transactions.
  4. "CHARGE-BACK" shall inter alia mean any approved reversal of any online card Transaction made by the Customer of NPL on account of:
    1. any alleged forgery of his card or other details
    2. duplicate processing of the Transaction;
    3. any amount required to be refunded due to, denial of Transaction by the Customer as wrongly charged payment/ extra payments and/or due to the fraudulent use/misuse of the personal and financial information of the Customer by any unauthorized person;
  5. "CUSTOMER" means any person holding a valid Payment Instrument and who desires to purchase Products or Services from NPL and makes payment for the same over the Internet using a Payment Instrument.
  6. "CUSTOMER CHARGE" means in respect to Product means the sale price of the Product purchased by the Customer plus the shipping charge (if any) and all other taxes, duties, costs, charges and expenses in respect of the Product that are to be charged to the Customer's valid Payment Instrument.
  7. "NPL": The owner, as the creator, operator and publisher of the Website and various and varied services on it, available to users. The term NFL inter alia also includes employees and its affiliates.
  8. "PAYMENT INSTRUMENT/S" means a valid Payment Instruments, physical or virtual issued by an authorized Card Schemes, Financial Institute and any other Payment Instrument Providers that are authorized to issue valid card and/or any other Payment Instrument to the Customer which enables the Customer to initiate and complete an online Transaction to purchase/ avail Products and Services of NPL.
  9. "PAYMENT MECHANISM" means the entire processing and facilitation of online payments by Service Provider with help of the services of Facility Providers, mechanism through the Internet utilizing the internet banking facility; internet based electronic commerce, internet payment gateway of various Facility Providers and through such other modes and mechanisms of payment and Delivery as may be notified by NPL/PGSP from time to time.
  10. "USER": The user shall mean any natural or legal persons who access the Website of NPL.


  1. NPL assumes no liability whatsoever for any monetary or other damage suffered by the User on account of:
    1. The delay, failure, interruption, or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with use of the Payment Gateway or Services in connection thereto; and/ or
    2. Any interruption or errors in the operation of the Payment Gateway.
  2. The User agrees, understands and confirms that his/ her personal data including without limitation details relating to debit card/ credit card transmitted over the Internet may be susceptible to misuse, hacking, theft and/ or fraud and that the NPL have no control over such matters.
  3. Although all reasonable care has been taken towards guarding against unauthorized use of any information transmitted by the User, NPL does not represent or guarantee that the use of the Services provided by/ through it will not result in theft and/or unauthorized use of data over the Internet.
  4. NPL shall not be liable, at any time, for any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of information contained on the Website.
  5. The User will be required to login his/ her own User ID and Password, given by NPL in order to register and/ or use the Services provided by NPL on the Website. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the User agrees that his/ her User ID and Password are very important pieces of information and it shall be the User’s own responsibility to keep them secure and confidential. In furtherance hereof, the User agrees to;
    1. Choose a new password, whenever required for security reasons.
    2. Keep his/ her User ID & Password strictly confidential.
    3. Be responsible for any transactions made by User under such User ID and Password.
  6. In case the Website or Payment gateway webpage, that is linked to the Website, is experiencing any server related issues like ‘slow down’ or ‘failure’ or ‘session timeout’, the User shall, before initiating the second payment, check whether his/her Bank Account has been debited or not and accordingly resort to one of the following options:
    1. In case the Bank Account appears to be debited, ensure that he/ she does not make the payment twice and immediately thereafter contact NPL via e-mail or any other mode of contact as provided by NPL to confirm payment.
    2. In case the Bank Account is not debited, the User may initiate a fresh transaction to make payment.
    3. However, the User agrees that under no circumstances NPL shall be held responsible for such fraudulent/duplicate transactions and hence no claims should be raised to NPL. No communications received by the Payment Service Provider(s) in this regards shall be entertained by NPL.
  7. Any unauthorized use by the PGSP shall terminate this agreement and you agree that you shall not bypass any measures used by NPL to prevent or restrict access to the Website.
  8. PGSP hereby agrees not to collect contact information of other users from the website or download or copy any information by means of unsolicited access.


  1. The User agrees that the debit/credit card details provided by him/ her for use of the aforesaid Service(s) must be correct and accurate and that the User shall not use a debit/ credit card, that is not lawfully owned by him/ her or the use of which is not authorized by the lawful owner thereof. The User further agrees and undertakes to provide correct and valid debit/credit card details.
  2. The User may pay his/ her fees to the NPL by using a debit/credit card or through online banking account. The User warrants, agrees and confirms that when he/ she initiates a payment transaction and/or issues an online payment instruction and provides his/ her card / bank details:
    1. The User is fully and lawfully entitled to use such credit / debit card, bank account for such transactions;
    2. The User is responsible to ensure that the card/ bank account details provided by him/ her are accurate;
    3. The User is authorizing debit of the nominated card/ bank account for the payment of fees selected by such User along with the applicable Fees.
    4. The User is responsible to ensure sufficient credit is available on the nominated card/ bank account at the time of making the payment to permit the payment of the dues payable or the bill(s) selected by the User inclusive of the applicable Fee.


  1. No refund. Any service payment is taken as full and final and it cannot be refunded. In case of any discrepancies, you may write to us at accounts@nutrifytoday.com


  1. All the data processed under this Terms and Conditions is subject to the Data Privacy Regulations under applicable laws. NPL shall be subject to and will comply with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 as amended from time to time, and any other applicable Laws restricting collection, use, disclosure, storage, processing and free movement of personal information (collectively, the "Privacy Regulations").


  1. The parties agree that laws of India shall govern any matter or dispute relating to or arising out of these terms of service, as well as any dispute of any kind that may arise between you and NPL. In case of any dispute, specifically permitted under the terms of service, the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at BANGALORE, India.